rsi roofing staff and officers

Left to right: Russ Brown, Lucas Bushaw, Marissa Johnson, Michelle Weir, Kathy Briggs, Joel LaPierre, Joe LaBow, David Fults

Warranty Agreement

RSI Roofing, Inc.

For a period of ____ years commencing with the date on which the roof described herein is completed, RSI Roofing, Inc. warrants that said roof will remain in a water tight condition. In the event the roof fails to so perform, RSI Roofing, Inc. will, at it's own expense, cause to be made repairs or modifications to the roof necessary to enable the roof to perform as warranted. This warranty agreement is effective if the owner promptly notifies RSI Roofing, Inc. in writing within fifteen (15) days of any failure of the roof to perform as warranted herein.


RSI Roofing, Inc. will not be liable in any respect for any damage to the building described herein, any contents thereof, other property of persons, nor will it be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Furthermore, RSI Roofing, Inc. will not be liable for failure of the roof to perform as warranted due to: (1) Natural disasters such as, but not limited to, wind storms in excess of 55 miles per hour, hail, flooding, lightning, fire and earthquakes; (2) Structural defects of the building; (3) Abnormal use or abuse of the building or the roof; (4) The acts or anyone other than RSI Roofing, Inc. for work on this roof.

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